Blue Jeans Workshops: Powered by Gate 15

The Blue Jeans Workshops were created by Gate 15 in order to tackle the most significant security issues impacting the Critical Infrastructure community. The workshop series name is a nod to the “roll-up-your-sleeves” mentality that is needed to produce actionable outcomes to these issues. Gate 15’s goal is to bring in engaged stakeholders from the public and private sector to identify challenges, gaps, and opportunities to collaboratively address those concerns. 

Gate 15 maintains extensive relationships across the private and public sector critical infrastructure, homeland security and intelligence communities, and brings unique experience working with Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) and Organizations (ISAOs). Gate 15 supports clients’ and partners’ risk management and organizational security and resilience activities by providing expertise in threat analysis, operations and preparedness (planning, training, exercise and continuity) support. 

Gate 15's Analyst Creed

“At Gate 15, we welcome diverse beliefs and interests in all regards. However, in conducting our analysis, preparedness and operational activities, we put our preferences and biases aside and our team endeavors to adhere to our Analyst Creed: I am responsible for upholding Gate 15’s mission of being a contributing partner to the community of homeland security and intelligence professionals supporting organizational and individual security, resilience, and freedom. I will diligently assess threats and risks and develop, contribute to, and share intelligence and analysis. I will strive to be non-bias and not promote a particular view based on my faith, politics, and other personal beliefs and ideologies. I am committed to providing actionable and objective intelligence and analysis.”

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