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Foundational Sponsor

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Logo

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) is an independent, nonprofit association, with a membership of 300 elected officials from 24 local governments, the Maryland and Virginia state legislatures, and U.S. Congress. Every month, more than 1,500 officials and experts connect through COG to develop solutions to the region’s major challenges and plan for the future. The Board of Directors is COG’s governing body and is responsible for its overall policies. In addition, a wide network of city and county managers, police and fire chiefs, housing and planning directors, environmental officials, chief equity officers, public health officials, transportation planners, and more, coordinate through COG’s committees, partnerships, and working groups

Collaborator Sponsors

Avangrid Logo

AVANGRID is a leader in service, innovation, and investment in the U.S. energy industry. Their employees deliver projects that power America’s future, provide clean energy & improve customers’ lives and communities.


WaterISAC is the only all-threats security information source for the water and wastewater sector. They serve over 3,200 water sector personnel across several hundred utilities and other organizations.

The Research and Education Networks Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REN-ISAC) serves over 700 member institutions within the higher education and research community by promoting cybersecurity operational protections and response.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Gate 15 welcomes the partnership of organizations who are interested in leading efforts to tackle the growing issue of Mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM). For additional information, don’t hesitate to send us an email